Exhibition Luck and Lore

From 25 October 2019 to 1 November 2020 the Bank of Canada Museum in Ottawa is presenting “Luck and Lore”, an exhibition of money rites and superstitions, as well as the surprising origins of some well-known traditions.

Client : Bank of Canada Museum
Partner : Wam


Two tactile and audio devices allow all visitors, and especially people with visual impairments, to discover fascinating and absorbing stories.

The touch-and-sound panels, following the Museum’s branding, fit perfectly into the exhibition. They present contrasting texts, Braille in French and English, bas-reliefs and an audio description. One can therefore touch, on one side, St Michael standing on a dragon, piercing with his spear the head of the mythical animal lying under him. And on the other, a ship with sails adorned with the coat of arms of Charles V and the Latin inscription translated as: “The love of the people is the protection of the king”.


Addressing families, visually impaired people and tour guides, these touch-and-sound sets offer a new, sensory way of discovering the historical collections of the Bank of Canada Museum.

‘As for the touch-and-sound panels … THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! The quality of the finish, the devil’s head carved, the relief of St. Michael! It’s really an exceptional job.’ Annie Jacques (Exhibition and Interpretation Specialist, Bank of Canada Museum)