Arab World Institute

A new sensory inclusive mediation tool that enriches museum’s experience. Taking the form of a rolling travel case, the tool is designed for learning purposes. Not only for learners, the travel case is intended to reach out a wide variety of population, from scholars to remote audiences, outside of the museum.

Client : Arab World Institute
Partner : Wam


The sensory travel case, imagined to help the discovery of the Spice Route, comprises seven workshops all based on a sensory approach: visual, audio, tactile and olfactory. It covers the key stopovers of the Spice Route across the Arabian Gulf.

One can discover and learn about the architecture of Fes, the navigation in Muscat, the Arabic typography of Damascus, until the use and manipulation of an Astrolab from Baghdad.

A wireless speaker equipped with an RFID detector allows, once placed on the reference cards, to listen to a text or a sound environment allocated to the subject. This learning tool is intended to be itinerant, in the form of loans between institutes and museums.

Intérieur de la mallette la route des épices
Détail de la mallette La route des épices