Renewal of the Sensory Journey – Museum of Science and Technology

Artifact Alley runs from one side of the Museum through to the other. It is the backbone of the Museum, consisting of eight huge themed cases and over 700 artifacts on display. Visitors can completely immerse themselves in a winter wonderland, take control of a ship and discover how science and technology occupy our daily lives.

Client : Museum of Science and Technology
Partner : Wam


From 1 October 2019 eight touch panels have enabled visually-impaired visitors to enjoy their visits. With these, they can discover the texts and make a mental image of the objects presented or the themes addressed. On each large subject, a plate shows French and English Braille, relief images or objects to be touched, offering an unusual sensory encounter while giving information about the collections. For example, in the “Canada Brand” theme, it is the symbol of the maple leaf that is prominent in the showcase. On the touch pad, it is presented in its “natural” form (the veins of the leaf), as well as in its stylized form. It is then embedded in a symbol (the flag of Canada). Each element is given a specific tactile treatment with textures and reliefs. For the “tools” display, a real forestry hammer was used. To the side, the trace left in the wood is shown.


This project, realized in five months, consisted of six stages.

1) Analysis of the existing eight panels
2) Sketching out the new concept (suggestion of images and objects adapted for tactile discovery)
3) Documentation (scientific content, exchanges with museum teams)
4) Prototyping and testing with visually-impaired users
5) Adjustments following tests
6) Manufacturing and installation