A globally inclusive design solution…

We lead the field in inclusive design and cultural interpretation. Our solutions take into account the layout of your institution, museum or gallery and your visitors’ expectations.

Our design and production teams research every aspect of your project – audience, education, aesthetics, ergonomics and sustainability – to gain a perfect understanding so that we can give you a solution that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

… to benefit
the end-user

We take on board your educational goals and we share our knowledge and experience with you to design the most engaging and user-friendly experience possible for your visitors.

At this stage of the project, we work with your team to prototype, test and adjust so that we ensure our solutions match your end-users’ expectations.

… and produced

From acceptance of the proof of concept, our dedicated WAM (We Are Makers) production team shapes the project with our state-of-the-art digital equipment: 3-D printing (large-scale), digital machining, laser cutting, relief and 4-colour printing, laser cutting, quadri printing and relief …

3D model Louis Vuitton Foundation

The life of a project

in 4 steps


Conception phase, based on your educational goals, target audience(s) and museum layout > 3-D sketches and layout proposal


Testing with a representative group of the intended audience > Production of prototypes


Taking into account qualitative and technical feedback > Development of the definitive model


Production of the final version, installation and maintenance

Our commitments

A 360° approach to your project
A guarantee of the highest ergonomic standards
A dedicated project manager

Tactile Studio Team

Our clients

Our distinctions

Le label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.

The Sign Design Society is the organisation for signage professionals in the United Kingdom. The agency received the jury’s Special Award.

Sign Design Society