MuCEM – Museum of the European and Mediterranean Civilisations

The collaboration with the Mucem is an ambitious project spanning over the last 4 years and still ongoing. The Mucem is highly involved in making its venue one the most accessible in Europe.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, we have partnered on two accessible art trails :

Client : Musée des civilisations de la Méditerranée
Partner : Wam

station 6 -4
station 4 -4
station 3- 1

–New trail : Connectivities: power and trade of the great Mediterranean port cities of the 16th and 17th centuries
We worked on the seminal pieces evocative of the exhibition’s main themes. Along with the committee, especially with blind and visually impaired people, we run tests sessions to adjust the models. We all had always in mind that the outcomes would appeal to all.

station 2- 1

–Trade of spices Trail:
To follow the subtlety of the scenography, we adapted our style to suit the atmosphere of each room.
We first proposed a series of objects made of wood, Corian and synthetic resin, bringing light and and the idea of the very bright white colors used at that time.

Then for the harbour of Algier and the items connected with the Mediterranean sea we made blue our first choice, shading and darkening it to be the more suitable for visual impairments.

They are either stylized representations such as e.g. a model of Jerusalem, an armillary sphere or various facsimiles on a reduced scale such as the athletic pugilist (antique boxing match) and Marianne. All objects are supplemented by schemas in the form of relief plans, e.g. provided at the ruins of Egypt.