Petite galerie du Louvre

La Petite Galerie du Louvre: a place to understand and marvel.
By dedicating a specific space to artistic and cultural education in the heart of the museum, the Louvre recalls the vision of its founders: a museum open to all since 1793.

Client : Louvre museum
Partner : Wam


The “Petite Galerie du Louvre” now offers young people, their parents and their companions an opportunity to explore a theme or topic with the help of a selection of major works, from prehistory to contemporary creations.

Our team has been creating for four years and for each new exhibition a tactile booklet. It enables visually-impaired people and others to explore a selection of works of art, paintings or sculptures, modelled in relief and in textured form.

The booklet is made of a flexible, untearable and wash-proof material. Different groups of volunteers test it in situ and help us to improve it edition by edition.
We have established a long-term collaboration with the Petite Galerie du Louvre to assist them in creating tactile and accessible solutions which, for each new exhibition, shine a light on a selection of new pieces. Since the opening of the Petite Galerie, we’ve been involved in five exhibitions.

Archaeology in speech bubbles: Sept 2018 – July 2019
Power Plays: 27 Sept 2017 – 2 July 2018
The Body in Movement: Dance and the Museum Oct 2016 – July 2017