La Villette: understand, discover and touch the largest green space in Paris

Famous for its architecture, its cultural offering and its immense green spaces, La Villette has become, in just a few years, a not-to-be-missed place of life. 

Tactile Studio produced, in collaboration with the Parc de la Villette, an orientation model accessible to all visitors.

Located at the park entrance, this next-generation orientation table allows everyone to find their way round about completely independently in a fun and interactive way.

Client: La Villette
Partners: WAM / Hecho

La Villette logo

La Villette 17
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It’s the time of the intelligent map

This 3-D model of La Villette enables visitors to have a global vision of this exceptional park, conceptualised in 1983 by the French architect, Bernard Tschumi.

By a touchscreen integrated into the model, the visitor discovers the cultural diversity of the park as well as all the iconic places they can visit, each with its special story.


Once the place is selected, a trail is lit up on the model, showing the path to get there.

The new “intelligent map” device facilitates discovery of the park and allows the visitor to find their way round quickly in a complex space with which they are not familiar.

A model accessible to all

This 3-D model is also completely accessible. Using the sense of touch, it provides visitors who have visual impairments the opportunity to understand the whole park. From the Geode to the Grande Halle de La Villette, the iconic places come to life in miniature form.


But the accessibility of the model goes even further!


Tactile Studio decided to present the information in coloured lines on the screen, with the ability for people with visual impairments to adjust the light intensity.

Adjustable in height, the orientation table can also be used by wheelchair users.

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La Villette 2
La Villette 4

The tactile, interactive and inclusive orientation map is part of the desire of the Parc de la Villette to continue its actions to improve its welcome to ALL visitors.