Stadtmuseum Stuttgart

Inspirational place of discovery and exchange, the permanent exhibition “History of the City of Stuttgart” tracks down the history of the city and its multiple faces from the end of the 18th century to today.

Tactile Studio has participated in the development of an interactive station comprising 50 iconic objects inviting an immersion in the history of Stuttgart.

Client: Stadtmuseum Stuttgart

Partner : WAM


© Jens Lyncker - jangled nerves


In the “Spirit and Form” exhibition space, these multiple objects modeled then 3D printed by us are fixed on trays, positioned on cross-sectional shelves, inviting us to see beyond the object itself.


Visitors are invited to choose an object and place it on a multimedia table. When the object is detected, an interactive explanation on digital screens appears and tells in detail the story or symbolism of the object.

© Jens Lyncker -jangled nerves
© Jens Lyncker - jangled nerves


From the Solitude castle to the emblematic Mercedes-Benz-Arena, passing by the plum spike beetle – symbol of the contested project “Stuttgart21” – , this interactive space fits perfectly into the new scenography of the museum, intended as an open forum to discuss about the main issues of the urban and cultural future of Stuttgart.