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Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte

From 27 September 2019 to March 2020, the House of Bavarian History presents an exhibition of Bavarian national history on the theme of “a hundred treasures of a thousand years” in the city of Regensburg. The temporary exhibition presents 100 emblematic objects of Bavarian history between the 6th and 19th centuries.

Client : Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte
Partner : Wam


The exhibition was arranged and conceived with an inclusive ethos. As well as multi-sensory and digital experiences all along the route of the exhibition, five tactile stations showcase an object or work relating to a different period, showing Bavaria’s many riches (historical, culture, artistic and so on).

A reliquary buckle from the 6th century; a medieval sculpture of the head of a knight; the portrait of Jacob Fugger the Rich by Albrecht Dürer (1520); a sculpture of a Swedish lion giving wine from the 17th century; and the painting Napoleon meeting Dalberg at Aschaffenburg (2 October 1806) by du Castelet and Debret (1812).


This project required the multidisciplinary talents of our team: the pictorial works were interpreted using several tactile techniques (tactile drawings, zoom-ins to certain details of the painting, bas-reliefs of various objects, samples of materials related to objects depicted in the work); the medieval sculpture of the head of a knight was recreated by our own sculptor, a craft work of great precision, giving visitors the opportunity of touching a stone reproduction, similar to the original material.