Sep 27, 2023

Opening at the Louvre: The Sculpture Discovery Area Sets Trends for the Inclusive Museum of Tomorrow

It has been an exciting journey. Tactile Studio had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the Louvre’s team to revamp the educational tools in the Tactile Gallery of the Louvre. Since its initial opening in 1995, this area has been a global benchmark for accessibility. 

Visitors explore the Sculpture Discovery Area during its opening. Photo credits: Tactile Studio.

After several years of renovations, the new Sculpture Discovery Area has now opened its doors. The space is adapted for people using wheelchairs, as well as for visitors with visual and hearing impairments.

Divided into three sections, this new multisensory gallery allows visitors to experience the art of sculpture in an innovative and fun way. They can explore the materials used for sculpting, the tools and techniques employed, and the use of sculpted works from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

On the right: Section 1 "What are sculptures made of? Materials and their natural environments". On the left: Section 2 "How do we sculpt? In the sculptor's studio". Photo credits: Tactile Studio.

Tactile Studio was selected to create various types of devices, showcasing once again the strength of our multidisciplinary talents.

When exploring this space, visitors will encounter: stations featuring tactile graphics, braille labels, animated films in English, French, and French Sign Language, audio-narrated descriptions of sculptures, sculpture replicas in bronze and ceramic, authentic materials to touch and hands-on games for learning the basics of sculpture.

Tactile panel with audio narration presenting Falconet's sculpture "L'Amour menaçant". The panel includes a tactile drawing, a marble sample and Braille text. Photo credits: Tactile Studio.

The Sculpture Discovery Area is located on level -1 of the Denon Wing, right next to the permanent collections of Italian sculpture, making it the perfect starting point for your museum visit.

Our partners

Tactile Studio relied on the expertise of Audiovisit for the production of audio-narrated descriptions, videos in LSF and voice recording for the animated films.

Find out more about the Sculpture Discovery Area:

Article available in the museum website: here

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